Display Ads
All Display Ad files are offered in both Adobe InDesign CC (ver. and Adobe Illustrator (ver. 19.2.0). The art files include a 1-inch bleed in the margins to make it easier to reformat the ads for specific publishing sizes. Click on the individual links to download the supporting files. All files include linked images, fonts and native file. You’ll also find an IDML file that’s designed to be compatible with older versions of InDesign.
There are two sizes of ads provided for your use: full-page (8.25 inches by 10.75 inches) and half-page (8.25 inches by 5.375 inches), and both are offered in full-color and black-and-white (gray scale) formats.
The bottom-left corner of each display ad includes a placeholder for your company name, address and web address, presented in the recommended size, color and location/placement.
If you have any questions about the campaign, or need assistance with the files or formatting, please contact the campaign’s creators, Crabtree Ink Agency, for assistance. Note that fees will apply for their services and will be determined at the time of contact. Also, your local printer may be able to assist with adding your contact info to the file.
All materials and images for the APGA Look Closer campaign and are intended to be used as represented by and for the APGA Members, and are not to be broken apart or re-designed in anyway. You are allowed to reformat the size of the document to fit your publishing needs, as well as add your company information in the designated areas.
All images are for the campaign and cannot be used as elements in other campaigns.
APGA owns all content and has paid for and is providing the content to you as part of your APGA Membership.